Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Castling is a special move in chess. It allows you to move two pieces (king and rook) at the same time.

The rules are very simple.
  1. Must be the first move for the king in the game
  2. Must be the first move for the rook in the game
  3. King can not castle when it is in check
  4. Castling can not be done when pieces are between the rook and the king

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pieces of the Chess Board

In Chess, each player has 16 pieces each and since there are 2 players there are 32 pieces on the board! 
  •  1 King
  •  1 Queen
  •  2 Bishops
  •  2 Knights
  •  2 Rooks
  •  8 Pawns
 Now that you know the pieces lets learn how they move!
  • The King
    • Can only move one space at a time but can move two spaces when castling with the rook. It's the most important piece on the board so it's a good idea to protect it!
King's moves


    • The Queen
      • The most powerful piece, can move as many spaces anywhere as long as its valid.
    Queen moves
      • The Bishop
        • Can move diagonally as many spaces as possible. If you Bishop is on a black square, then it can move diagonally within a black square, same goes with white
      Bishop moves on a white square
      Bishop moves on a black square
        • The Knight
          • Can move in an "L" shaped format only and can jump over pieces but not land on the same color piece, is the most trickiest piece on the chess board
        • The Rook
          • Moves Vertically and horizontally as many places possible, used for castling with king
        • The Pawn
          • The simplest piece on the board, moves up one space, moves twice if unmoved

        Now that you know about the Chess Pieces and their moves, Lets Play Chess!